About us

Merk&Merk Yacht Sales was created as the only natural and logical extension to our existing business – the Yacht Service. Since we want to provide the full package to our customers, we decided to round up the spectrum of the services we provide.

In our opinion, Yacht Sales and Yacht Service are completing each other. This way, the customer can experience maximal benefit through the purchase and maintenance of his yacht out of one hand – the hand which knows all the details of every particular yacht it has sold, ensuring the best care for a
long time after the purchase.

Whether you are looking for a new or used yacht, we are here to find the perfect solution tailored by the individual characteristics of every client. Furthermore, we are here to keep the pleasure through the yacht service.

Merk&Merk was founded in 2008 in the heart of Dalmatia – Tribunj. With our rich experience and partnership network built over the years we are a reliable partner for all-around- the-yacht business.

Our theory is very simple:
there is a perfect yacht for everybody – let us find the one for you!